La Liga: I will stop after Real Madrid's dismissal - Ancelotti

La Liga: I will stop after Real Madrid’s dismissal – Ancelotti

Prime Video will release an interview with Carlo Ancelotti on Wednesday, the day of the Champions League semi-final rematch between Real Madrid and Manchester City, in which the Madrid coach will also talk about the withdrawal, the possible championship, and Karim Benzema. .

Carlo Ancelotti and Karim Benzema celebrate this year’s Spanish Championship (Photo: AFP)

“I will probably stop after the dismissal of Real Madrid – formulated Carlo Ancelotti But then he felt that he was not eating his very hot porridge: “Of course, if the club stays here for another ten years, I will coach the team for ten years.” But I also want to be with my grandchildren, to travel with my wife, so much of my life has been left so far… I want to get to places I haven’t been to yet, like Australia, Rio de Janeiro…”

The shutdown plan deserves understanding at the club level, as in the supplementary part, in response to a question, Ancelotti offered the position of federal captain, a challenge unknown to him:

“Yes, it would be an interesting job, but it’s too early. In the World Cup this year, at least anyway. But not then, 2026, so why not give it a try? – Ancelotti, who gave an interview to Alessandro Alquiato, asked, for example, whether the (co-host) of Canada, who will reach the World Cup this year in four years, would answer: – why not? Of course I like the idea, the Canadian national team plays football very well.”

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The excellent Italian expert was asked about Karim Benzema, among others.

“Karim doesn’t need to train, he doesn’t need to be in control, he just needs to be hired. As a bloody pro, he’s been performing at a consistently high level for many years, and he’s kept on the right track. Maybe he’s at the top now. A great footballer with what Humility is enough. He has solved so many difficult situations for us this season that he will win the Ballon d’Or.”

Champions League
Final Refund – Wednesday
Real Madrid (Spanish) – Manchester City (English) (TV: M4 Sport) – Live on a UFO!
City won the first match 4-3.

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