KVK: The third match will decide the fate of the 11th place

Saturday 05/20/2023, 10:41 a.m

The OB I team from Kaposvár defeated Vízilabda Klub in the second match of the division against PVSK. The duel, which went on for two victories, was thus 1-1 overall.

On Friday, the players of Kaposvár Vízilabda Klub jumped into the pool at home to PVSK in the 11-12th round of the OB I Championship. In the second match of the placer announced the places. The duel continues until the second victory of one side, and after KVK won the first match at home, the victory could have closed the series.

the kapospolo.hu summary As usual this year, the derby between the two teams resulted in close combat this time as well. Neither team could get a two-goal advantage in the first half, so at halftime the scoreboard was tied at 4-4.

However, KVK started the third quarter brilliantly. Kacper Langiewicz and Kristóf Szatmári, then Junior, also scored. Josef Berta could have taken a penalty kick but his effort hit the post. After that, PVSK managed to equalize before the final chapter, and in the fourth quarter took a two-goal lead with goals from Roland Gaszt and Márton Lajkó. With a minute and a half left, Ferenc Fendisch made it all the better for Somogyi, but the match didn’t take another turn.

Pecs won 8-7, so a two-legged duel in Kaposvár on Tuesday will be decided. The match will start next Tuesday at 19:00 at the Czech Ferenc Competition Stadium.

PVSK-Mecsek Füszért – VK Kaposvári 8-7 (2-2, 2-2, 2-2, 2-1)
E.ON OB I., placeholder for 11–12. For places, the second match

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