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Kurti Best: 3 more medals for Canada at the World Cup

Kurti Best: 3 more medals for Canada at the World Cup

MONTREAL – Before this week’s sessions at Place Maurice Richard, Quebecer Danae Blaise had not been on the podium in an individual event at the Coupe du monde de vitesse Courte Piste. It continues in ancient history.

The Quebecer participated in the second medal ceremony on Sunday, where he took home a silver medal at the 1,000 metres.

Blais (1:31.471) is the year of reconstruction, devançant de justesse la Sud-Coréenne Park Jiyun (1:31.505) in arrival. Also in South Korea, Seo and Min (1:31.288) were the victors.

This is Blé’s first medal over this distance in the Coupe du Monde. She will reach third place in Final B, the final week of the trip to Montreal. Samedi, won the first medal of his career as a bronze medalist in the 1500 metres.

However, Blais y Croyait more or less took place before the start of hostilities.

«J’ai l’impression a petit peu d’être dans un rêve, a lance Blais. weekend [dernière], c’était mon goal d’avoir une médaille, et c’est passé proche, donc’étais un peu déçue. Before I spent the second weekend with a little fatigue, I could not get the impression that the weekend had arrived. “This is really nice.”

Ricky Doak (1:53.236) participated in the final stage B, where she settled for third and final place.

Claudia Gagnon was penalized in the semi-final, resulting in her elimination. Samidi, it’s the best class in the Premier place, 1500 m.

Dubois and bronze

Quebec’s Stephen Dubois wins the bronze medal at 1,500 metres.

Longtemps deuxième, Dubois (2:20.575) Tent maneuvering for the daring overtake along the Sud-Coréen Park Ji Won (2:20.406). Another South Korean skater, Kim Jun-woo (2:20.294), took advantage of a slight loss of balance from his rivals to take the initiative and lead.

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Officials noted the incident, but announced that responsibility had been shared between Dubois et Won, confirming the findings.

Dubois was then reconstituted after landing at the end of the 500 metres, at the same preferred distance.

“You don’t think that’s what’s going on, it’s all clear.” I live when I am real in my performances. I did the course to earn money. Here, as ever, this is as normal as the penalties and pitfalls. “I only hope to get bronze and silver medals, so it has to be real just commentating on the course.”

Quebecer Pascal Dionne (2:20.731) was also in attendance, finishing fourth at the finish line.

After claiming his first ever gold medal in the 500 metres, Jordan-Pierre-Gilles cruised through to the semi-finals of the 1500 metres. He moved the only distance for that and he has never been on a World Cup podium since the beginning of his career.

Of the women, Courtney Sarault (2:27.190) was unable to hiss her chest in a relevant final lap. This week rang in the seven and final. It was the first time without a representative for the unit on stage after the start of the weekend.

It is located near the Premier 1500 m, located at the end of the podium, Samedi.

The podium was rounded off by Belgian Han Desmet (2:24.672), South Korean Kim Jelly (2:24.770), and American Christine Santos-Griswold (2:24.851). It is the same platform that the hijab wore before it was not excluded. Belgium also won over this distance during the final week.

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Three Canadians qualified for the semi-finals and competed in the same race. Sarault advanced to the main final and trios final, while Rene Sting was punished and eliminated in the summer.

Florence Brunel was also out of the training session having begun a mysterious retraining in the morning. He spent this semi-final, no longer enough to participate in the small final.

Florence and Stingy finished first in the 4th and 4th heats of the 500m B final the night before.

The men’s 1,000 meters final was the only one contested without an athlete representing Canada. The Quebec Felix pigeon, which evolved below the banks of Boulogne, participated. Seal the yellow plastic case for a dangerous maneuver.

William Dandjinou initially reached the semi-finals at the end of the second round, but officials continued to maneuver without allowing his compatriot Maxime Laon. Then, after making a connection, you can get a pass.

He was happy to have a happy day for Dandjinou, who won his first individual gold medal, in the 1,500 metres. In the final week, it was decorated in bronze at 1,000 metres.

Felix Rosell was unable to reach the semi-finals, and also had to overcome a penalty. Samidi, available at 16:00 a.m. at Premier 1500 m.

In the semi-final, he was awarded a penalty kick, bringing an end to a difficult World Cup. He will reach the semi-finals of the 500 metres.

Un relay en argent

Blais, Brunelle, Doak and Sarault were penalized over the 3,000m of work and chute through a contact group. They will be able to win the final week, having joined the group in Doak Arena.

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Chez les hommes, Dandjinou, Roussel, Pierre-Gilles and Dubois round out the Chinese. South Koreans were punished for avoiding creating bookmarks.

The Canadians won the relay last week, and three of the six relays at the 2022-23 World Cup. This time, the strategy will be changed.

“[Les Chinois] If it is installed, the car is on the laissés camper, and it is installed in Dubois. Our strategy is to follow the recent change [pour attaquer]. “Under the difficulties, when changing the arrangement, create new equipment, so I believe it is possible to have a result with the result.”

Le Canada has a donc termine cette Coupe du monde with seven médailles. That’s the extra thing I achieved last week at Maurice Richard.

Skateboarding enthusiasts will be able to see their favorite team in action again next week, when the Four Continents Championships take place at Arena Belle de Laval.

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