Kumac Lacey was ashamed of her illness

Kumac Lacey was ashamed of her illness

Robert Sikora: Lacey Kumar was ashamed of his illness

Szikora and Komár had a very good friendship until the end of the musician’s life.

He writes that the musician struggled with lymphoma for years, which he defeated nine years ago nlc.hu According to Szikora, László Komár was ashamed of his illness, and believed that a musician could not enter into such a state.

“He was in his soul a man who was a researcher, a thinker, a meditator, a convert to esotericism, and also engaged in astrology. Later we talked a lot about God and Jesus Christ. When I spoke about this, he watched tensely as if he did not want to miss a word. “He turned,” the singer said. In the last moment of his life, he turned to God when the end drew near.”

Then he added: “He was ashamed of his illness, and it was with him that an artist, a musician, could not be so ill, that he did not even talk much about it.

As I was standing on top of his coffin, after giving a speech at his funeral, I saw the black leather shoes on his coffin and thought, ‘It can’t be in that box.’


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