Kukoos - Lost Pets will also be released on consoles

Kukoos – Lost Pets will also be released on consoles


The family-friendly 3D platform is also coming out of Early Access for PC at the same time.

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After PC, the early access version, is now coming to consoles Cocos – The Lost PetThe full version for PC will also arrive at the same time. The colorful and cheerful world of kukook can be enjoyed for the first time on older consoles in December, after which it will also appear on new generation consoles next year.

In the preview we can get acquainted with Kt, Kika and their animals, as well as “scary” opponents. 🙂

In Kukoos – Lost Pets, our mission is to stop the “rebellion” and free our pets, who are being driven into the wild by a broken console, by going through the magical portal of the Kukoo Tree. With the rest of the animals free, we set out to rescue them in magical places like the land of unicorns or the Ice Cream Mountains.

In Kukoos – Lost Pets we can choose from 12 playable characters, and countless favorite characters become our companions. You can go on an adventure on your own or even in a four-person co-op mode to overcome obstacles and get your pets back more easily.

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Kukoos - Lost Pets came out with a new trailer

Kukoos – Lost Pets came out with a new trailer
In the trailer, the main role belongs to the story of the game.
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The full release of Kukoos – Lost Pets is coming to PC, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4 in December, with PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S releasing in 2023. ■

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Cocos - The Lost Pet

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