Kucherov, Ovechin and Vasilyevsky are also in the Russian framework

Kucherov, Ovechin and Vasilyevsky are also in the Russian framework

Nikita Kucherov, Alexander Ovechkin and Andrei Vasilievsky are the outstanding Russian NHL stars on a slew of hockey teams called up for the Beijing Winter Olympics this February.

Alexander Oveishkin is also present in the framework of the Russians (Photo: AFP)

36-year-old Ovecskin is a three-time world champion, two-time World Cup silver medalist, four-time World Cup bronze medalist, 27-year-old Vasilevsky has won the World Cup once and two-time World Cup winner, Kucherov The 28-year-old is a two-time World Cup winner. Three years ago, however, no NHL players could be included in the winning team at the Pyongyang Olympics due to the absence of NHL players. Before that, Russian hockey players managed to win the 1992 Olympics.


According to the IIHF website, 11 of the participating teams have given their names to NHL players, with only the Chinese being excluded, but the Olympic hosts do not have a legion in the world’s most powerful hockey league. In addition, at the moment, even their participation is not confirmed. A week and a half ago, the new president of the IIHF, Luke Tardiff, who was elected days earlier, said their officials would check to see if the Chinese men’s team was up to par, only because Canada was lined up with NHL stars. , will fight against the United States and Germany. The Chinese men are ranked 32 in the world rankings and have not played a betting match for two years due to the coronavirus epidemic.

If, at the end of the IIHF check, it is determined that the Chinese men’s hockey team is still not in the Beijing Olympics – even though the current host is eligible to compete, this is not an automatic option – the Norwegians in the top bleeding rankings in the last qualifying round can jump in.

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Featured NHL players can now only walk away from the Olympics due to injury, illness, regression or disqualification, or if the coronavirus pandemic once again makes it impossible for NHL players to play.

Beijing’s men’s national teams will have to hand over their generous squad of 55 players next Friday, while the mobile team will be set in January.

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