Krizsán Lili was hospitalized with anorexia

Krizsán Lili was hospitalized with anorexia

Krizsán Lili, I’ll be star in the star! His 21-year-old contestant made an exciting confession. He suffers from anorexia, a disease so severe that he had to take medication.

It could already be said that his condition was life threatening when he only weighed 44 lbs.

“It didn’t frighten me, but I decided to go to the hospital and treat myself because I didn’t want to risk my career.” said Lily, who has had a lot of plans since then.

He shared a photo from his hospital room on his social media page, and it’s not the happiest yet, but he claims he’s on the right track.

“I wrote a list for 2021 of my goals/dreams that I wanted to achieve. There is only a little over two weeks left and one last point… which has probably caused the most pain of the year… but will also be off… I will get my smile back and not bring it back Never to anyone, anything, for nothing…there are plenty of plans for 22… • LILKÓ • WON’T STOP… I hope a similarly great year starts.(with you) Make sure everything goes well …Finally…still…I feel that my faith will bring all miracles…”- He wrote about the current status of the course.


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