Krizsán finished 13th in the week with Xenia 800 win -

Krizsán finished 13th in the week with Xenia 800 win –

Medals were awarded in four competitions in the evening program of athletics competitions at the Tokyo Olympics. Seven Tester Xénia Krizsán also finished her performance, winning the final 800m cross-country race, finally finishing 13th.

Xénia Krizsán can be content with a distance of 800 metres (Photo: Hédi Tumbász)

The seven-man Hungarian was the first to finish the race with a time of 2:07.64 and won the race with 999 points. In all, he came in two more places and finished in thirteenth.

“Two days were exhausting at 800 – He told M4 Sport at the end of his race Krizsán Xénia, Adding that he passed a very difficult battle but no longer wanted to cry because of his weaker performance. – After one slap, I received another, and now I have completely lost the faith and self-confidence that I built in myself. So many times during the race I felt like I wanted to give up and leave the field here, but in the end I fought for thirteenth place.”

The gold medal was won by Belgian Navissatu Thiam against the Dutch Anouk Vetter and Emma Ostrogel.

As for the other numbers, American Katie Ngot won the women’s pole vault ahead of Russia’s Anelika Sidorova and Britain’s Holly Bradshaw. In the men’s 400m flat, no American could stand on the podium because the gold medal was won by Stephen Gardiner of the Bahamas, the silver medal by Anthony Jose Zambrano of Colombia, and the bronze by Grenada by Kierani James. In ten trials, Canada’s Warner defeated Mayer of France and Moloney of Australia.

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Tokyo 2020

Athletics, Women’s Weekly Experience
1 – Navissatu Thiam (Belgium) 6791 bridge
2- Anouk Vetter (Netherlands) 6689
3. Emma Ostrogel (Netherlands) 6590
4- Nour Weditz (Belgium) 6571
5. Kendell Williams (US) 6508
6- Annie Koons (USA) 6420

13. Crisson Zegna 6295 points

Women’s bar jump
1. Katie Nugget (USA) 490 cm
2 – Ansilika Sidorova (Russian team) 485
3- Holly Bradshaw (Great Britain) 485
4- Katerina Stefanidi (Greece) 480
5 – Marina Kylipko (Ukraine), Wilma Murtu (Finland) and Tina Sutig (Slovenia) 450

Men’s 400m
1. Stephen Gardiner (Bahamas) 43.85 seconds
2 – Anthony Jose Zambrano (Colombia) 44.08
3 – Kirani James (Grenada) 44.19
4. Michael Sherry (USA) 44.21
5. Michael Norman (USA) 44.31
6 – Christopher Taylor (Jamaica) 44.79

ten tests
1. Damien Warner (Canada) 9018 doors
2- Kevin Mayer (France) 8726
3 – Ashley Moloney (Australia) 8649
4. Garrett Scanting (USA) 8611
5. Pierce Lepage (Canada) 8604
6- Zachary Zemeck (USA) .8435

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