Krisztián Zámbó poured clear water into the glass in his anger: that's why they broke up with Zsuzsika

Krisztián Zámbó poured clear water into the glass in his anger: that’s why they broke up with Zsuzsika

Krisztián Zámbó was satisfied with the rumors and told me what the truth was.

An avalanche almost happened a few weeks ago shocking newsThat Krisztián Zámbó and Zsuzsika Takács, described by many as a dream couple, broke up after several years, not as usual, but now they’re planning the wedding – and they’ve confirmed that the winning couple is indeed under damn players, as the players turn ruined.

According to a psychologist, Krisztián Zámbó's relationship was a game

According to a psychologist, Krisztián Zámbó’s relationship was a game

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Krisztián Zámbó and Zsuzsika Takács have yet to reveal almost anything exactly why they broke up, but some almost immediately assumed that the whole thing was a vile play, and in fact they were still partying, they just wanted to make the headlines. This malicious rumor was also supported in some ways by the fact that the two famous people had walked together recently, but there seems to be no basis for this – and this was confirmed by Krisztián Zámbó himself in a slightly angry comment, who also responded to his attacks that people “in principle “They don’t care about their privacy.

“Then I’d like to clarify! We’re not together and yeah, we met, but yeah, I’m right about that, who the hell cares? We don’t fight, and I don’t have fortnite to get out of it. I won’t tell anyone what’s up with me or Zsuzsi! We didn’t quarrel, we just We felt that our plans for the future were different! There was no woman or man in the matter. And nowhere did we interview anyone because that’s our job, but this is the media! I don’t care what’s going on in your life either! Do business with us? We stayed in good condition and that’s it! Thanks for your understanding!”

– written by Supposedly Krisztián Zámbó.

It seems that people have completely misunderstood the situation, that Krisztián Zámbó never met again, they did not break up, so they still meet, which is normal, because they have been important players in each other’s lives for many years.

According to many, what Krisztián Zámbó wrote is perfectly legitimate, and it is rare for a celebrity to react honestly to a public rumor that understandably frustrated him.

Here you can watch a video about how cute Krisztián Zámbó and Zsuzsi Takács were:

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