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Kristofik Milak, President of the International Swimming Federation (FINA), also paid tribute in Budapest

Kristofik Milak, President of the International Swimming Federation (FINA), also paid tribute in Budapest

– We live in a world where visible results are more important than real values. However, we don’t need clear procedures, but real collaboration – Sandor Vladar set the tone for the evening with emphatic words at the press conference held on the sixth floor of the Hilton Hotel, while Chapa Soss, captain of the national swimmers, was seated. Next to him at the table are the presidents and representatives of eight Hungarian universities.

Soon a cooperation agreement was found, which they all signed, according to which the University of Szeged, Eötvös Loránd University, Debrecen University, Hungarian University of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Pécs University, Nyíregyházi University, Eszterházy Károly Catholic University in Eger and Széchenyi István University in Győr assist In running the Swimming Nation program dreamed up in 2018, among other things, through the selection and development of teachers.

Krisztina Egerszegi, Forest Doe

Sándor Wladár said that such a broad cooperation between sports federations and universities is unprecedented in our country, and stressed the importance of cooperation in the midst of economic difficulties. He also thanked Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who personally supported the launch of the Floating Nation programme. He considers it a great achievement that despite the energy crisis, 77 swimming pools have been saved. “With this, the government has saved the past, the present, and not least, the future of Hungarian swimming,” stated Vladar, who said they could increase swimming lessons from the current 20,000 children to 46,000 children from next September, and one day they could reach the dream limit of 100,000.

Sándor Wladár made an important announcement Photo: Zsolt Szigetváry

The MÚSZ president emphasized the role of Olympic pentathlon champion and swimming legend Krisztina Egerszegi in the program, who visits swimming pools as an ambassador and is present in the field of education. “It’s like a beautiful forest,” said Vladar, “that had to be tamed.” – He stayed away from acting for twenty years, which is why I consider it a big deal that we were able to gain on this show. He visits swimming pools and does not look for the positives, but rather the negatives, and provides detailed reports and suggestions about them. He accepted the assignment on one condition, that coaches who not only understand this but can make kids fall in love with the sport attend the work.

This is also the main goal of cooperation with universities in the national swimming program.

FINA President: Unprecedented cooperation

Five decks below, in the ballroom, the heroes of the evening, the best of Hungarian swimming, have already gathered. Although Sándor Wladár emphasized true values ​​over appearances, Hungarian swimming has also been successful in terms of “appearances” in 2022 – there was something to celebrate.

Budapest hosted the World Championships this year, where, in addition to two gold medals and a world record (thanks to Christophe Milak), there was also a silver and a bronze each. At the European Championships in Rome, the Hungarians won five gold, seven silver and three bronze medals. They finished second in the medal table for swimming figures behind the Italian hosts.

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