Kreatív Online – Week of the Monsters and promotions for Bresson’s films also won gold at Promax

We have already mentioned that a lot of works with Hungarian participation have been nominated for the European Promax Prize of the year, where creatives are awarded for TV channels and live broadcasts. in the race The winners have been announced (Golden and Silver prizes were given), so it turns out that many Hungarian productions also won prizes.

For example, the creative team for AMC Networks International Central and Northern Europe ended up taking home the silver and gold. Week of Monsters is already the second Gold in the competition’s history.

Monster Week Creative Team Members:

Idea: Laszlo Lair
Producer and Director: László Lajer
Music and sound design: Tibor Salai
Character: ‘Fitz the Fish’
Color and graphics classification: Miklós Dulinszki
Camera: Robert Romet
Editing: Andras Schweigert
First Producer, Fish Tamer: Andras Schweigert
Head of Creative Services: László Szekeres
Production Director: Gyöngyvér Martos

AMC’s “Fine-Dining Weekend with Hannibal Lecter” for the Balkans won a silver medal in the Special Events Program category.

The creative team for “Fine-Dining with Hannibal Lecter” includes:

Idea: Andras Schweigert
Producer and Editor: András Schweigert
Sound design: Tibor Salai
First producer: Andras Schweigert
Head of Creative Services: László Szekeres

The Warner Bros. Discovery Central European team also took home the silver medal in the Documentary category for this work:

Spot makers of No Place for You in the City:

Creative Director and Editor: Peter Mihola
GFX Designer: Catalin Pesini
Sound engineer: Sandor Hunyadi
Production Director: Anna Miklósvári
Creative advisor: Marcin Krulicki
Marketing Director: Karim Boucourt

In the Music with Original Lyrics category, Team Warner has already won gold in the Robert Bresson Films Trailer at Cinemax.

Bresson Trailer Creators:

Agency: Robbit Creative

  • Creative Director: Emese Gog
  • Creative Producer, Editor: Csongor Szúdy
  • Sound engineer: Tomic Siadek
  • GFX Designer: dám Török
  • Vo Talent: Bouandel Doraya
  • Production Coordinator: Zeta Kachiba
  • Chief creator: dám Horváth (Warner Bros Discovery)

The Morse teaser for the Netflix series 1899, designed by Ádám Bozsik, also won the gold medal in editing and in the category of best promotional programme. The trailer editor talked more about his work on the Arany Belende professional event. According to the basic idea, the date of the series premiere was hidden in jest with Morse code.

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