Kosovar residents are prohibited from using Serbian ID cards

Kosovar residents are prohibited from using Serbian ID cards

As the situation in Serbia and Kosovo has completely changed since today, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic began after meeting with Miroslav Lajak, the European Union’s Special Representative for the Dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina. about this a free Hungarian word mentioned.

Vucic said Serbia has always been ready to continue dialogue, while on Wednesday Pristina institutions decided to ban the use of Serbian ID cards in Kosovo. It was also decided to continue to stick Serbian vehicle license plates with stickers. He added that it is clear that they do not want to sit at a table, and there is no need for dialogue. According to the information, those with a Serbian license plate can re-register their cars until September 30. If they refuse to do so, they are simply taken away from them.

Vucic says that Pristina is planning an all-out offensive in northern Kosovo.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic holds a press conference in Belgrade on 29 June 2022 after a meeting with Miroslav Lajak, European Union Special Representative for the Belgrade and Pristina Dialogue.

Photo: Milos Miskov/Anadolu Agency via AFP

Our response will be sober but lethal, but we will not take any military action. We are looking forward to a pleasant summer and autumn, said the Serbian president, we have been looking for a compromise for ten years, but no one wants it, but their goal is to keep our people away. He was very curious, and asked them to redeem him from their arrogance.

The dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina will continue in July, after which high-level consultations can take place.

Vucic stressed that his biggest demand for Serbia was not to persecute Serbs from their homeland, then added, Pristina would think three times before taking any action.

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