Konami has revealed the date of a large-scale update that could fix critical bugs in the game

Konami has revealed the date of a large-scale update that could fix critical bugs in the game

Renaming Pro Evolution Soccer and moving from eFootball to a free-to-play model in 2022 didn’t look good either. This is mainly due to a lot of bugs, of which there are a lot of hair-raising funny bugs, but the most annoying group of bugs is the sports game, and the graphics also complained about the graphics, especially in light of the fact that FIFA 22 upgrade with HyperMotion, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S makes the animations of soccer players absolutely stunning. Konami has already apologized once and promised to fix bugs, but indicated in another message when we can expect a major version upgrade.

Konami posted a post on Twitter yesterday, which you can originally read below. “Thank you for playing eFootball 2022. We apologize for any inconvenience you encountered while playing. We are already preparing for eFootball 2022 version 0.9.1, slated for release on October 28. This will focus on fixing these bugs.” We have reported so far or we will continue to report. As we move forward, we will notify you with more details and respond to your feedback and requests in the form of future updates. Thank you again for supporting eFootball 2022,” Konami wrote.

Version 0.9.1? Yes, eFootball 2022, the first season or early access version of the eFootball brand, was released on PC, Xbox and PlayStation, as well as mobile on September 30, but still in development, but it is an early access release for many independent game studios. It varies based on the comments. During the last post, by the way, many commenters also wrote a belated sadness, this game is already dead.

Konami’s new promise on eFootball (Source: Twitter)

Steam has gone so far as to get a bizarre “psychological horror” rating within a few days as part of the negative feedback due to bugs users encountered. So changing the name is a bad omen? Perhaps, and perhaps, EA Sports would be better off considering connecting the FIFA series with a different title in the future than it did before.

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