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Kolluri, Szarvasbébi's real bully, is suing for $70 million

Kolluri, Szarvasbébi's real bully, is suing for $70 million

The good thing about movies is that they allow us to dream, have adventures, and experience emotions. Most often we think that this is all a fictional story, but many treat a true story. like this Reindeer babyThis is it Baby deer also.

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Beryl is the real Martha of the little deer

For those who aren't familiar with the series, here's a quick synopsis: A man who works in a bar but aspires to become a comedian meets a vulnerable woman. The obsessive woman's life and desires emerge from simple conversation and a man's affection.

All of this is based on real facts and now the real Martha is filing a lawsuit. Lawyers representing the woman have already filed a complaint. The accusation is nothing more than that Netflix is ​​lying about the series telling a true story. the Mirroris reading:

This is a lie told by Netflix and series creator Richard Gadd out of greed and fame; A lie designed to attract more viewers, gain more attention, make more money and viciously destroy the plaintiff's life.

The charge is therefore one of defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence, gross negligence and violation of the right of publicity.

Netflix was also accused of never questioning the claims of the series' screenwriter, not checking whether the story was true or not, and exposing this lie to viewers.

His life has been ruined by the defendants' lies, abuse and completely reckless actions. Quite simply, Netflix and Gad ruined his reputation, his character, and his life.

The real Martha and her lawyers are seeking $50 million in damages, plus legal fees and interest.

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