Knights of the Old Republic remake?

It should be Aspire Media By many only dirtyShe is working on rethinking a game called Star Wars.

Let’s start from the beginning because at first we didn’t talk about the topic because it looked as if it had appeared a couple of months ago: a studio working on an unknown project. Aspyr Media and Jason Schreier, who wrote for Bloomberg, both fall into this category to me The team (who already made my game KotOR a mobile port anyway, and was previously connected to other games within IP …) will change several things to bypass BioWare’s core business to newer platforms.

A new edition Star Wars: Knights of the Old RepublicAnd its sequel, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: Sith Lords, will only take over a few things, except that Disney has reached the franchise so much that the two games are no longer part of the official statute. And the new version wants that to be restored to some extent. This sounds gritty, and the story has no end.

MrMattyPlays recently expanded, Which can be heard from a villain so far, and indicated that the game’s fighting system may also change. The original Knights of the Old Republic fought turn-based battles. Well this is said to have been thrown out to be a bit more work-RPG Take on the KotOR remake style. (So ​​it’d be like … The Witcher 3, or Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order if it was a fight. So maybe it would understand.)

It’s not official yet, but if a lot of things pop up about everything, it just can’t be a hoax big enough to be seen from Mars. LucasFilm Games (revived this year and already starting to reset Star Wars to others, like the Ubisoft-Massive duo in charge of The Division or the new Avatar, are already making some progress …) Maybe this summer confirms that, yeah, and Aspire is aspiring to that. .

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