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Knights of the Old Republic, but not in BioWare, not even in EA

Knights of the Old Republic, but not in BioWare, not even in EA

Parts 1 and 2 of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic are among the best Star Wars games ever, not least because it boldly touches on Star Wars legends, all in a way that it didn’t, unlike Last Jedi. They have fought back the wrath of hardcore fans (well, maybe Part 2 is a little bit). Part 1 was created by BioWare, Obsidian created Part 2 under the auspices of LucasArts, and the former made MMORPG The Old Republic with Electronic Arts, which is not as popular as an offline RPG. -k. However, fans have been waiting a long time for a full (our) sequel, and information about this has been leaked recently. However, the most recent unofficial information is that Part 3 or a simple reboot is not being developed by Electronic Arts Studio.

a Video Game Factsheet A new game Knights of the Old Republic is under construction, and the newspaper has learned about this from several reliable sources, such as an internal podcast called Bespin Bulletin. Of course, we’ve had ears before that there will be a new KOTOR, and what’s new about this current report is that neither BioWare nor Electronic Arts will have anything to do with it.

You guessed it was about recent developments, the creation of a label called Lucasfilm Games, and the fact that Bethesda (Indiana Jones) and Ubisoft (Star Wars), for example, could work with Disney / Lucasfilm titles and characters. , Decorations, worlds, etc. He associates with Jason Schreyer of Bloomberg with the current ad ResetErás Comment Also, we wouldn’t even think about the team working on the knights of the New Old Republic. This is what I confirm Nate Nagda is also an insider at ResetEránHe added that the matter is not that complicated, it is not just a well-known high-end development studio.

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Reports even say that we can expect a bounty hunter title in addition to all of this, and that Electronic Arts is a smaller project – perhaps something like Star Wars: Squadrons (because that was what was said at the time, even before it was announced)?

There will be fundamental problems with the new KOTOR game, but if you think of past rumors of soft or hard reboots, it could be that the Knights of the Old Republic, occurring thousands of years before the events of Star Wars Saga, be included in the canon. It’s true that VGC has also warned that both the Rebels series and the Skywalker era line up some familiar motifs from KOTORs, and on the other hand, the High Republic story begins in early January, which goes back 200 years. Time, but it is considered 100% legal and will provide a good opportunity to tell a story similar to that of the Knights of the Ancient Republics. So there are opportunities to return to KOTOR in the form of a single-player, story-centered RPG.

By the way, we also have ideas for Star Wars games that could be made in the near future, you can read about it here.

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