Klári Balázs cherishes a special wish: we show what!

Klári Balázs cherishes a special wish: we show what!

Spends his birthday with his family Clary Palazzo! On Friday, the popular singer celebrates the famous day of her husband, Georgia Korda, accompanied by his niece and his sister-in-law’s family. Although Clary has had her birthday parties a few times now, this year she organized everything head-to-head so she doesn’t work exceptionally well on this day.

“I’ve never been such a believer in celebrating myself, but my loved ones have always surprised me. Gyuri has already indicated that he has some ideas that will surprise me on my birthday, but the biggest gift for me is that we have been living with Gyuri in love, happiness and peace for 41 years now. I could not wish for more, or so: I have a great desire to celebrate Gyuri’s 100th birthday Clary Palaz told Metropol.

Balázs Klari

Instead of a huge party, the star is preparing for a quiet celebration (Image: Borse)

The singer is active in her daily life: although the calendar is full until the end of November, and there are weeks when several concerts are held every day from Wednesday to Sunday, she will not hand over the management of the house for any money.

“I feel in the soul forty years, or even younger!” I pay attention to what I eat, for example, I do not consume white sugar at all. We also go on stage for two or three hours on the day of the party, so I don’t need a separate tournament to keep in shape. There is also a home business. A lot of people think a gang of housewives will take care of my wishes, but I have to disappoint them: I do all the work and feel good that we’re always clean, never messy.

The coronavirus pandemic has not spared the Korda couple either, they have been morally and financially exhausted over the past year and a half. For the sake of the lack of concerts and their health, they locked themselves in their homes, while doing their best to keep the workers in their hotel.

Balázs Klari

For more than 40 years the singers have been inseparable (Photo: Borse)

“It wasn’t an easy time, but I trust we made it through.” The audience welcomed us with great love, and while we don’t hug after partying for our own safety and security, we get a lot of positive feedback from them. We’ve had both vaccinations, and if your GP suggests a third vaccination is necessary, we’ll vaccinate ourselves without a second thought. And in the fall, we hope there will be no more restrictions and we can serve the masses. Clarica concluded.

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