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Kissalvold – The United States will not change its policy towards Israel

Kissalvold – The United States will not change its policy towards Israel

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The United States will not change its policy towards Israel

The White House National Security Council communications coordinator said on Tuesday that the United States condemns the deadly consequences of the Israeli military attack, but will not change its policy towards Israel.

John Kirby confirmed this to reporters

While its military operations in Rafah continue, Israel has not yet crossed the “red line” that could lead to a halt to arms shipments.

Kirby referred to President Joe Biden's words. The US administration has repeatedly announced that it does not support a comprehensive operation in Gaza City, which has a high population density, where crowds of refugees are gathered.

Regarding the Israeli military strike against senior Hamas leaders, which claimed the lives of many civilian victims, the White House official said that the loss of human life is heartbreaking and terrible, and stated that the American side is following the ongoing Israeli investigation into the incident. Military working conditions.

Matthew Miller, a State Department spokesman, also told reporters on Tuesday that the scale of the Israeli military operation in the city of Rafah a week ago was completely different from the Israeli military operations carried out in other cities in Gaza.

American officials also reported, on Tuesday, that they were forced to suspend the operation of the temporary dock established by the US army and delivered two weeks ago on the coast of the Gaza Strip.

According to the statement, parts of the floating facility were separated from each other due to strong waves, so it will not be used for some time to deliver aid to the Palestinian population in need. It has not been announced how long the restoration process will take.

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According to Tuesday's announcement, four of the boats helping to secure the floating dock broke away and ran aground, partly on the nearby Israeli coast and partly on the Gaza coast.

During the past two weeks, about 820 tons of aid shipments arrived in the Gaza Strip with the help of the facility, but their distribution to the needy faced many difficulties and was limited. The first trucks were attacked by local residents, halting deliveries for two days, and a Palestinian lost his life in the resulting chaos.

The construction of the wharf cost about $320 million, and in addition to the United States, international partners also participated in the construction. This facility was established to expand the channels for aid entry into Gaza. Trucks can also drive on the pier through which humanitarian supplies arriving on ships are transported to the territory of the Gaza Strip.

This is what happened on Tuesday:

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