Kisalfold – Organ transplant recipients remember their unknown donors

“It is a difficult and important question in the life of transplant recipients, from whom we received the organ, and we often thank the Almighty for the fact that we were able to receive it,” says Istvan Laszlo Eker, President of GyőrSzeVas, who himself underwent a liver transplant. – We know that in the case of most of us, someone’s life was required for this to become a reality, which is why it stirs such deep feelings from us on Anonymous Donors Memorial Day.

István László Iker says he believes that everyone who goes through such a crisis changes the world.

“Those who receive an organ are no longer among the healthy people.” Although we are in good shape, our immune systems are suppressed by the risk of rejection, for most of us throughout our lives. Our perception of life also changes a lot.

Twenty-two years ago, the idea of ​​a memorial first came about, and the National Transplant Recipients Association created a memorial site at Fiumei t. The marble slab and headstone help to remember the donors, who, knowing nothing about transplant recipients, only owe them a great deal of gratitude. This year they gathered on the first day of spring, March 21, to remember them.

Source: Hungarian Association for Organ Transplantation

– The newly transplanted person usually reports their experiences and feelings at this time. This year, the representative of the Organ Coordination Office and the President of the Heart Transplant Recipients Association also spoke. Just as there are more and more places to remember unborn fetuses in the country – for example in Gyor – there are also more and more places in the country that pay tribute to anonymous and organ donors.

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Transplant recipients in the provinces of Gyor Musun, Sopron and Fez would like to have a point in the area where they can bow their heads in front of the victims.

– Our activities affect two countries, and we haven’t found a suitable site yet. We’d like a gravestone or memorial tree where we can commemorate in a dignified way.

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