KISALFOLD - Attention!  Burning rules have changed: Cooking and barbecuing are not forbidden in the garden

KISALFOLD – Attention! Burning rules have changed: Cooking and barbecuing are not forbidden in the garden

Our Board of Directors pay particular attention to the safety of life and property of the people who live in Gyor-Moson-Sopron County and we consider it extremely important to inform the public and business organizations of current events, in this case about the changing rules and obligations regarding outdoor fire lighting.

I. An internal fire is inside

1. Open and park waste burning

Incineration of garden waste on indoor property is prohibited under current legislation. The local government may grant an exception to the prohibition by local ordinance regulating the conditions and circumstances of burning. Check with your local authority for when to burn in the garden. If the municipality does not have such a decree, then garden waste and plowing should not be burned.

When burning emergency and garden waste, the fire should never be left unattended and the right amount of extinguishing agent should always be provided. Always have a fire extinguisher handy and only start a fire that we can keep under constant watch. Pay attention to the expected weather because the wind helps the fire spread quickly.

It is also important to know that lighting is prohibited under electrical wires and within 5 meters of them!

There is no obligation to notify of incineration of indoor or garden waste.

2. Using the garden grill, fry the bacon, cook

The use of a stove or barbecue on private property is not prohibited on indoor properties at the time of the fire ban and there is no obligation to notify those concerned.

The use of open flame equipment and devices, as well as starting a fire inside the property, requires compliance with general combustion rules. These are briefly as follows:

Unburned coals and ashes must not be left unattended;
Appropriate fire-fighting materials and equipment should be provided, for example water and sand
After the activity is over, the fire must be carefully extinguished, making sure that he is asleep.

secondly. Outdoor Fire Lighting

54/2014 regarding the National Fire Protection Regulations. (XII. 5.) of the Ministry of the Interior (OTSZ) on June 13, 2022 abolished the concept of out-of-town incineration.

Burning can now only take place off-site if permitted by other legislation, and other prohibited matters.

306/2010 on air protection. (XII. 23.) From the Government Decree: (1) – (3):

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27. Paragraph (1) Legislation may provide for other than the provisions of this Paragraph.

(2) It is prohibited to burn waste in an open place or in a facility that does not comply with the provisions of the legislation establishing the conditions for waste incineration, with the exception of burning home-generated and untreated paper waste. Untreated wood waste in a household facility. It is considered incineration of waste in the open air if the waste ignites for any reason, except for primary damage.

3- Open burning of plants, reeds and waste from crop production is prohibited.

1. outdoor shooting

Of course, grilling, cooking or frying bacon outdoors is still permitted in accordance with the previously mentioned basic fire protection rules, and there is no obligation to report!

Burning on the outskirts and outskirts of a closed garden property can take place in the following cases:

I solemnly ordered the grapes to be burned,
incineration of forest waste in the forest,
“Smoking” to protect against frost damage,
Incineration is permitted under other legislation.
For these activities, Annex IV there is an obligation to notify by class!

Article 227 of the OTSZ states the rules for cremation permitted by law:

„227. Paragraph (1) During incineration permitted by law, rubble may be burned only as follows:

(a) It is forbidden to illuminate the light filaments from all sides at the same time; Only straw residues can be used for incineration; It is forbidden to damage the straw by burning it, and burn the straw next to an existing grain of grain,

(b) The rubble or affected parts of a width of not less than 3 meters shall be plowed or dredged before the burning of straw residues begins, and a wildlife alarm shall be implemented to prevent harm to the small wildlife in the area, according to local specifications. Conditions.Rated protection tape shall be provided by plowing or ordering,

(c) The rubble may be burned intermittently over an area of ​​more than 10 hectares and may only be burned after one section has been burned,

(d) Sufficient number of trained persons should be provided with hand tools to fight fires while the remains are burning, and at least one farm tractor should be kept on site with a plow or a disc plow.

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2. The rules of paragraph 1 apply to the incineration of plants, algae and other plant wastes.”

Third. Outdoor fire in forest area

1. Set fire to a dedicated fire pit in the forest

Foresters are obligated to establish a permanent and safe fire place in the Montazah forest area for tourism purposes. It is the responsibility of the forest manager to maintain the designated fire pit and ensure that conditions are created to protect against wildfires. Anyone is allowed to set fire to an existing fire place according to the following rules:

before making a fire, the area around the fire pit must be cleaned of leaves and tree branches so that the fire does not spread to the forest;
Unburned coals and ashes must not be left unattended;
Be prepared to put out the fire if the winds rise, and make sure you have firefighting material and equipment (such as water, sand, and a shovel),
After the firing is completed, the fire must be carefully extinguished, it must be ensured that it is asleep, and if possible, the ground must be sprinkled with ashes before leaving.

2. Incineration related to forestry activities

Incineration related to forest management activities (slaughterhouse waste) is allowed only by a person who has written permission from the forest manager or, if not, the owner of the forest. We draw the attention of forest managers to the fact that burning in the framework of forest management activity is an accidental fire hazard activity, which must be notified in advance to the relevant Directorate of Disaster Management.

Detailed rules for burning in the forest area are contained in Section 9 of Decree 4/2008 (VIII. 1.) ÖM. In order to start a forest fire in a protected natural area, except for a designated and established fire pit, a permit from a nature conservation authority is also required.

3. Prohibition of ignition

In the event of an increased risk of fire, the Forestry Directorate of the National Food Chain Safety Office may order or declare a fire ban.

It is forbidden to start a fire in forest areas and in outdoor properties in wooden areas and at a distance of 200 meters there!

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This includes fire sites in the mentioned areas, rail and road afforestation, and burning of gas and cows.

Information about the current fire ban (increased fire risk) can be found on the website, on the official website of NÉBIH EI, on the website, and on professional websites available there.

4. Basic rules for preventing forest fires and vegetation

99 percent of fires can be traced back to human activity, so the best defense against wildfires and vegetation is to pay attention to the following reasons:

Ignore ≤ 1 sec
Extinguishing ≥ 100 hours
Restore ≥ 100 years!

Arch. Report activities involving smoke or flames

An important change is that any activity involving the development of smoke or flames that may be confused with an actual fire must be reported in writing to the appropriate county disaster management director before the activity begins.

The notification shall include the date and extent of the activity, the location identified by geographic coordinates, the address or topographical number, the telephone contact, and the address or location of the person to be contacted.

The notice must be sent to the following email address: [email protected]

The notification obligation does not apply to garden grilling, cooking, bacon frying, indoor garden burning and garden waste permitted by municipal ordinance.

V. Consequences of fire violations

In the event of a violation of the rules of fire protection, taking into account the seriousness and consequences, the Fire Protection Authority (Disaster Protection) may impose a fire protection fine of up to 10,000,000 HUF against the person(s) responsible, the payment of which shall not relieve you of criminal and civil liability from the duty Correcting the violation that led to its creation. Violation of the fire ban provisions may be subject to a forest protection fine.

A detected fire must be reported immediately to the emergency number 105 or 112.

If you have any other questions regarding outdoor fire lighting rules, you can ask them to the following phone numbers during customer reception:

work hours:

Monday: 10:00 to 12:00

Wednesday: 13:00 to 15:00

Friday: 09:00 to 11:30

phone numbers:

Geyer Disaster Management Office 96 / 510-620

Kapovar Disaster Management Office 96 / 242-855

Mosonmagyaróvár Disaster Management Office 96 / 510-629

Sopron Disaster Management Office 96/518-292

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