Kisalfold - A mysterious shooting took place in Tata in two locations

Kisalfold – A mysterious shooting took place in Tata in two locations

Due to filming and preparatory work, there were partial traffic restrictions in places, which the directors tried to maintain as short as possible. We looked around the two filming locations hoping to find out more about what kind of film is being produced in TATA in the strictest confidence and whether production will be shown in Hungary as well. However, all we are officially told is that some scenes from an American movie series will be filmed by an international cast.

The shooting in Tata did not take a day, and the next day the leased area was returned to the general public. The crew continued that day, seeing a convoy of several vehicles as they left the group. We found out a lot, the episodes were recorded in several places in Hungary. They will be making the movie for the summer. Of course, don’t even think about taking pictures, we just leave the camera in the bag, Marcona’s security guards warned. Seeing dominance, so did we.

We tried again, is a Netflix movie really made in Tata? – We asked the person appointed to enlighten us whose name and position we did not know. He spread his hands on the question and didn’t want to confirm or refute our claim about Netflix. It was impossible to know anything about the actors!

Not much can be seen on the sets, the people performed the tasks assigned to them, and the seemingly organized work of course was the hustle and bustle of winter despite the cold weather. There were also some onlookers from outside the fenced area to see what was going on “from the inside”. This is not the only movie filmed in Tata recently.

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However, as far as we know, some scenes from Netflixes have already been recorded. Previous episodes of the series are already on Netflix with the title ‘Shadow and Bone’ which means ‘Shadow and Bone’. The series is considered one of the most mysterious and fantasy films.

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