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King Károly advertised a position with an impressive annual salary

King Károly advertised a position with an impressive annual salary

For those who love the British royal family and are drawn to royal life and glamor, this could be their dream job.

Buckingham Palace is looking for its own Sustainability Manager, with an annual salary of at least 21 million HUF. This amount is shocking only because it is much higher than the average salary for workers in the UK, which is currently around 14 million HUF.

Caroli is known to care about protecting the environment, he has done a lot for the cause even as Prince of Wales and now as King.

As described in the announcement, the duties of the new employee of the Royal Family will include monitoring carbon dioxide emissions data, preparing reports, and preparing other environmental and social surveys.

The announcement also reveals that Buckingham Palace will place environmental sustainability at the heart of all of its future activities.

“We are committed to reducing our impact on the planet through immediate action focused on reducing our carbon emissions and energy use and achieving carbon neutrality.”

– reads the palace announcement.

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