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Kim Kardashian has steadily become richer since her divorce

Kim Kardashian has steadily become richer since her divorce

Kim Kardashian is reportedly on track to double her net worth since her divorce from Kanye West. While the rapper is struggling financially and is no longer a billionaire, the Kardashian business empire continues to expand.

Kim Kardashian currently has a net worth of $1.7 billion, a large portion of which is due to the success of her fashion brand called SKIMS. The company has already reached a valuation of $4 billion this year. the Forbes Then he wrote it Kardashian increased her wealth by $500 million thanks to this alone.

However, SKIMS plans to expand further, which will likely have a positive impact on Kardashian’s wealth as well. The company announced that it will open its first physical store in the United States.

Kim Kardashian has been steadily increasing her wealth since her divorceSource: Getty Images for Baby2Baby/2022 Getty Images/Araya Doheny

The company is preparing to open a store in Los Angeles at the beginning of 2024, and has already reserved a retail space of 465 square meters. In addition, SKIMS is actively exploring the possibility of opening additional stores in various US cities by the end of 2024. Additionally, Kardashian will expand outside the United States into markets such as Paris and Hong Kong.

As a result of the increase in SKIMS’ value and the company’s expansion (as well as Kardashian’s other business interests), the celebrity could soon double her wealth since her divorce in 2022.

source: Richer

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