Kim Jong-un’s counterpart disrupted the campaign event in Australia

There are only eight days left until the Australian election, and the mood is heating up – in part due to escalating tensions between China and Australia. On Friday, a counterpart to Kim Jong-un disrupted a campaign event attended by incumbent Prime Minister Scott Morrison and lawmaker Gladys Lew. Howard X, who self-proclaimed as the leader of North Korea, immediately turned to the press.

“Thank you very much,” Morrison said before a man interrupted her. After they tried to send him, all he said was that no one could tell the commander in chief what to do and that he supported Gladys Leo.

Liu told the AP that he wouldn’t let his opponents and their “dirty tactics” distract him.

Perhaps the little scandal was about Queensland Senate candidate Drew Buffalo, who told social media that he was a good friend of Howard X and that he considered the performance one of the best things they had achieved. Pavlo has previously criticized Liu, saying the legislature has championed China’s leadership and is tied to the regime. He also complained that the selection was too boring and that it would need more excitement. (AP)

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