Kim Jong-un saw an engine shooting bright yellow flames

Kim Jong-un saw an engine shooting bright yellow flames

He was present at the event Kim Jong Un And the Korean Central News Agency wrote the leader of North Korea.

Test footage at the Sohe missile test site in the northwestern city of Tongchang-ri shows the North Korean leader

He inspected the engine, which was spewing bright yellow flames.

Despite international sanctions, Pyongyang continues to increase and develop its military arsenal, including intercontinental ballistic missiles. North Korean liquid-fuel missiles.

Last year, Kim Jong-un made developing solid-fuel engines a strategic priority to modernize his missiles.

Liquid-fueled missiles are more difficult to use, and analysts say they take longer to prepare. This makes it easier for the enemy to detect and destroy them sooner.

Lev Eric EasleySolid-fuel missiles are more mobile and can be launched faster in the event of a conflict, says the professor at Ewha University in Seoul. Adding that

The use of new technology would make North Korea’s nuclear arsenal even more dangerous.

Pyongyang has conducted an unprecedented series of military tests this year, including the launch of its most advanced intercontinental ballistic missile yet.

Seoul and Washington have been warning for months that North Korea is planning another nuclear test. This will be the seventh in the history of the East Asian country.

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Cover photo: Kim Jong Un during a missile test on March 24, 2022. API/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

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