Kielvinger finished seventh before the season

Kielvinger finished seventh before the season

It is no coincidence that the fans in Kumlu celebrated their team even after the losing game against Balatonfüred at the end of the season. The Balint Kilfiger team also surpassed the ideas of many by occupying the seventh place and looking forward to a higher level.

– If someone said before the tournament that we would finish seventh, I would agree. We can be happy with that all season. Our performance was choppy. We didn’t always get to play the way we wanted to during the fall, but our spring has been great. We got a little lower at the end, but we were already playing with more serious teams here. All in all, I can say we’ve had a good year – Balint Kielvinger, Technical Director of Sport36-Komló, started asking us.

The jumps were marked by a big heart and desire to fight throughout the year, the core of the team seemed to come together very well, and the new players had adapted to the perception of the game.
“When we showed our warrior face, we were always efficient. There were two games for me when I felt like we couldn’t keep up all the way, and it was usually taken advantage of by competitors,”

Of course, we have to see that in the summer we started to make a team, there were many newcomers, and this is a job of about six months, for which everything I would like to see on the field will appear. Several years of experience tell me that as more new players arrive, it always takes longer for everyone to know what their job is. This is what it looked like this fall. Sometimes we had good matches there as well, but other times we were holding back. But in the spring, our game got together, and as a team we played handball most of the time, fighting for each other.


The coach also said that he does not feel any lack of rating, although of course they would have been happier with a sixth place finish. He stressed, however, that they could not be at all dissatisfied with what they had achieved. In terms of some matches, he feels like he’s still in the team, especially while getting used to it, when their game no longer works that way after a good first half. As in Tatabánya, for example, they led the first half with five goals, but in the end they lost a lot.

Now the players can relax, but after two weeks of rest, they will have to do their individual training and return to the gym in the middle of summer. As for the next season, the club has long announced with whom they plan their future. Radics Tomiszlav, Szabolcs Szkokán, and Norbert Yoga left active rotation, and now we’ve also learned from Kilvinger that they’ll have two arrivals right up to the start. In fact, they already know who, and if the club can agree with them, they can even announce them in the coming days.

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