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Kids, robots and dragons for sale! – TechWorld

Kids, robots and dragons for sale!  - TechWorld

Well-known Hungarian painter couple Zoltan Poros and Gabor Zixzai are launching an NFT campaign called Girls, Robots, Dragons.

The career of the artist couple Boros-Szikszai began in the 1990s, when a large number of fiction and science fiction book covers were made for Hungarian book publishers. Anyone who was young at the time and/or loved science fiction books would have met their book covers or pictures in albums and calendars.

This was the cover of one of my favorite AVP books (Alien vs. Preadator), for example.

After domestic success, the two artists tried their luck in America and switched to nearly all international game design firms in recent years. They have worked with companies and games that evoke fond memories for all gaming enthusiasts.

Niantic, Blizzard, Magic the Gathering, or Word of Warcraft have all been stops in their lives, but many artists have resonated with Heartstone or Starwars characters.

Now they’ve taken on a whole new challenge with the dynamic NFT array, which was introduced at Barcraft as part of an extraordinary exhibit. Girls, Robots and Dragons is their first attempt to conquer NFT – digital artwork – fans.

The project is in many ways a real experience, an artistic and dynamic work NFT . Technology Its alloy enriches the artists’ toolbox with entirely new possibilities. The artists’ characters, of course, expand with the exquisite detail they are accustomed to, in a card-like format, that evokes the gaming world. The games and community building opportunities associated with the group open up new horizons for artists among their fans.

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GRD website The digital artworks coming out on June 6 are not only graphically exciting, they are also technologically innovative. When purchasing them, we can either have real paintings and drawings signed by the artists, or we can even organize an online meeting with them.

Dynamic NDP is used here technology Supports the group in every detail and creates new opportunities for digital art. Its outlet, in Singapore, launched its first dynamic NFTs under the name EtherCards about a year ago, and it was a huge success. The Hungarian founder of the company, András Kristóf, has been satisfied with the value proposition of NDP technology so far and has developed the possibilities with which NFTs can be equipped with many useful functions.

The resulting dynamic NFT technology has become the basis for a growing range of disconton cards, loyalty cards, participant or multiplayer games.This opportunity is an open door for musicians, illustrators, digital artists, creators, game developers, sports enthusiasts and famous brands.

The robots and dragons of Zoltán Boros and Gábor Szikszai are also able to conquer the fans in this world. Only the look has changed, and the cool photos will now be treasures for digital wallets as cool pieces from a huge collection.

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