K&H Bank became the CEO

K&H Bank became the CEO

We reported on the bank and insurance company performance in the past year here, David Moucheron no longer attends the online press conference:

KBC provided, inter alia:

  • Rick Sherlink, who previously headed the Hungarian subsidiary and is currently CFO of KBC, reached retirement age in January 2021 and will retire from KBC after 37 years.
  • Luke Popelaire, the current CEO of the International Markets Business Unit, will assume the duties of the KBC Group Board of Directors, in addition to overseeing the activities of money markets, capital and KBC Securities.
  • At the suggestion of the Nominating Committee of the KBC Group, David Mushron, the current CEO of K&H, has been appointed to the Executive Committee of the KBC Group and CEO of the Belgian Business Unit to replace Daniel Valcke (which has already been approved by the European Central Bank and the Belgian Bank),


Guy Libot also has experience in Hungary: since 2006 he has worked for K&H Bank for four years, leaving the bank position as Executive Vice President in 2010.

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