Kevin Spacey has been accused in the UK of sexual harassment

Kevin Spacey indicted Britain sexual harassment

2022-05-26 17:10:00

The American actor has previously been charged with assault and humiliation.

Britain’s Public Prosecution Service (CPS) said it had agreed to bring charges against four men against Kevin Spacey for quadrupling sexual harassment on Thursday. Reuters news agency. Rosemary Ainsley, CPS’s chief of private handling, said the actor is also accused of forcing a person to engage in intrusive sexual activity without their consent.

Old Vic London Theater reported in November 2017 that it had received 20 reports of “misconduct” from 20 men who contacted the actor in or because of the theater between 1995 and 2013. According to Roberto Cavazos, who once worked in the theater, where Spacey was artistic director from 2004 To 2015, Kevin Spacey behaved in a way that could be called “harassment” at the time.

The actor had previously been charged with assault and humiliation, which he allegedly committed against a young man in 2016.

Once one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, Kevin Spacey has been fired from the hugely successful series House of Cards after allegations of sexual harassment. The Oscar-winning actor in the Best Actor category for his portrayal of an American beauty has denied the accusations.

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