Kevin hadn't chased the thieves away yet when billiards was the last gone

Kevin hadn’t chased the thieves away yet when billiards was the last gone

As is known, Liverpool won their first Premier League gold medal after being snatched by Manchester City as a guest at Chelsea, giving them an arithmetic opportunity to defend the title. Paul is a champion again after 30 years, so we take a look at what happened in the world in 1990.

Kevin didn’t chase the robbers away when Paul last won a gold medal

This happened in 1990 in the great world

• On January 25, it crashed near New York Avianca 52 S Flight. The cause of the disaster was running out of fuel, which killed 73 people in the accident.

• February 11 Nelson Mandela Released from prison after 27 years in captivity (after four years he was elected the first black president of the Republic of South Africa).

• On March 12th, Prof. Soviet Forces withdrawal From Hungary, the operation ended on June 16, 1991. On March 15 Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev He became president of the Soviet Union, and his resignation on December 25, 1991 marked the breakup of the Soviet Union.


Hubble Space Telescope (Photo: AFP)

• On April 24, the Discovery spacecraft crew launched an orbit at an altitude of 600 km Hubble Space telescope.

• Liverpool Football Club became champion on April 28th.

• On May 2 Junks Arpad Temporarily elected President of the Republic with effect from 3 August. It was formed on May 23 Antal government.

On June 21, Budapest Stock Exchange.

• The last one on July 27th Citroen 2CV Leaves the production hall in Mangualde, Portugal. One of the most successful models of the French car manufacturer, it has produced 5,114,961 units since the start of production in 1948.

• On August 2, Iraq invades Kuwait and begins Gulf War. The armed conflict in the Persian Gulf ended on February 28, 1991, when the United Nations coalition liberated Kuwait.

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• On September 15, a Magellan Space ship Filming the surface of Venus begins.

On October 2, the occupation of Berlin by the Four Powers was lifted the following day Germany United Again: Unification of the GDR and the FRG, Helmut Kohl becomes Chancellor. On October 15, Gorbachev will be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on the 24th The Hungarian Constitutional Court declares the death penalty unconstitutional, A day later, a taxi imposed a blockade in Hungary.

• November 6 Hungary He became a full member of the Council of Europe, and was crowned at the twelfth Akihot, The 125th Emperor of Japan ruled the island nation from January 7, 1989 to April 30, 2019. One day later, the first of what was known was completed. website.

• Vasladi resigned on November 28 after 11 years in office, Margaret Thatcher On the position of Prime Minister of England. Place John Pioneer took over.

1990 in the world of the movie

Tom Cruise son She was an active year, divorcing Mimi Rogers on February 4, married Nicole Kidman on December 24, and forming a party with her until 2001.

As for movies, the production with the most total revenue this year is a ghost But everyone’s favorite Kevin also appeared on screen at that time (specifically on November 10), “Home Alone!” Without it, Christmas is practically unthinkable for years.

But then Julia Roberts like a girl stood on the street What a woman she is! In Bruce Willis His life was more expensive, And they finished worship Back to the future Triple as well.

1990 in the world of music

• eMeRTon award-winning Hungarian rock band, Prof. Republic.

Madonna It was a huge hit with Vogue, a Justify Fall Darling However, his clip sparked a major scandal.

• Swedish language Roxit Conquered by one of the most successful songs in pop history, what a woman! It can also be heard as a song included it must have been Love. The album, featuring music from the movie, sold 9 million copies worldwide, placing it on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US.

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• Pop band synth, fan of the era Bonanza Banzai Reach the top with a sign.

1990 in sports

• football Note I-ben The Újpest dog He became the champion, and was awarded his 19th gold medal.

• The FRG have won World Championship, This was his third success, and since then in 2014 it has also met under the name Germany.

• a BEK final Held in Vienna, that is Milan Italian club Frank Rijkaard beat Benfica 1-0. The Reds and Lions became the masters of Europe for the fourth time since then, with three other classes coming together and only ahead of Real Madrid (13). Interestingly, the referee is confirmed Helmut Kohl He was, but of course not to be confused with the aforementioned consultant, as he is an Austrian referee. Cole Butcher passed away on September 26, 1991 at the age of 48.

In Spain a real Madrid He managed to ascend the throne for the fifth time in a row, and for the twenty-fifth time in total. The Royal Guard is currently leading to the 34th priority.

In Italy Led by Diego A. Maradona Naples He won his second gold medal so far in the league.

In Germany But until then Bayern Munich He was a gentleman, and he received his twelfth title. The Bavarians recently returned to 1st place – the eighth in a row, and the 30th overall.

Denise Rodman defending his title (Image: Getty Images)

• a For the French a Marseille He conquered the trophy for the sixth time in the professional era (since then it is nine, as does Paris Saint-Germain, the record holder with Saint-Etienne 10), In the Netherlands The Ajax Won 23 times (holds 34, the current call has been closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, in Portugal The Porto Won for the eleventh time (currently heading towards the top 29th).

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• In the United States, prof Detroit Pistons He defended his bad children Their title in the NBA (The third priority also came in 2004) NHL-ben The Edmonton Oil Wayne Gretzky (this was the fifth and final Stanley Cup win so far), and NFL-I a San Francisco 49 rice Won the Super Bowl Championship for the fourth time (it was still the 1989 season, and since then won the 1994 championship adorning the streak, staying in the bottom of the 2012 final and a dramatic fight in February of this year in the Grand Final).

In handball Eight-time BEK / BL winner Hypo He reached the top for the second time in the Men’s World Championships Sweden He won for the third time (since then he also won a gold medal in 1999), to Women’s A. Soviet Union He became the first in the series – since then he won four times with Russia.

• The tragic fate of a circus race Ayrton Cinnamon tree For the second time he became the first place winner in the points race, and a year later he won his last world title in F1- I am.

Other hobbies

• He was born on January 14th Áron Szilágyi, Swordsman is a two-time Olympic champion.

• He was born on May 6th Peter Golaxi Current number one goalkeeper for the team, who was previously a Liverpool player anyway.

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