Kevin Feige revealed why we've never met Green Mano or Aoki Doki in the MCU before

Kevin Feige revealed why we’ve never met Green Mano or Aoki Doki in the MCU before

Starring Tom Holland, Spider-Man has set out to conquer the world for the third time, this time in the MCU, where he has had to battle Vulture and Mystery thus far. Although both characters are very popular in the comics world, everyone would probably agree that they are nowhere near the biggest aces in popularity: Green Leprechaun, Doctor Octopus, and Venom, especially since the former two are the first two characters in the Raimi Spider-Man trilogy. . I also misused a line.

But no matter how popular they are, Marvel Studios didn’t choose them for the Dutch-played Spider-Man antagonist, and the company’s president, Kevin Feige, has now revealed IsNow Movie Bloopers & Extras in his interviewWhy they decided to take a different path:

For the first two films, we always started by asking, ‘How do we do things the way we’ve never done before? We never even thought of taking out the green genie again, or bringing in Oscorp or Oki Doki or anyone else we’ve seen in the movie before, which is why Vulture and then Mysterio became our chosen characters.

But even during this period – and I’ve been saying this for years, long before anyone asked me what I thought of him – so even during this time, I thought there was no one in the world better than Oki Doki. Be with Alfred Molina. It was very difficult to follow in his footsteps. Wouldn’t it be so royal that once we find a way to bring the character back, Alfred Molina would play again? Then in the early stages of the third movie, we realized that thanks to the MCU, we had a way to do that.”

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Alfred Molina as Ok Doc

So, on the one hand, Feige wanted to give the audience something new, and on the other hand, he did not want to put the heavy burden on any actor to play these famous characters after the excellent interpretations of Dafoe or Molina …

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