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Kenworth displayed a beak at a truck show in Brisbane, Australia, which you can’t pass without saying a word. Australia is a big continent and a slightly different world. Due to the higher load capacity, the mugs are expected to be sturdy, comfortable and long lasting. These requirements are fully met by this Limited Series Decanter, unveiled in honor of the 50th anniversary of Kenworth Trucks’ production in Australia.

To be completely precise, it should be noted that the first Australian beaker, Kenworth, rolled off the assembly line at a factory in Bayswater, Victoria, in March 1971. Since the early days, Kenworth trucks had not been built for a single bulkhead in Australia, but had endeavored to assemble every half. Trailer and truck based on individual needs. However, the first samples included not only cups, but also Bulldog cab trucks. Then in 1975, Kenworth introduced the W900 beaker in Australia, which has been very popular in North America since 1961. The Australian version was named W900SAR to easily distinguish the Australian and Amcsi versions.

It is a fact that the difference lies not only in the designation of the type, but also in the appearance. The Australian version was manufactured with a shorter hood and a right-hand drive version. Hence the name of the model (sHurt Bonnet aAustralian RIght-hand drive – SAR). Due to its shorter hood, the W900SAR manages to have a nose that resembles a little parrot’s beak, but nonetheless successfully cultivates the lifestyle and look that its American big brother represents, which included an over-cab sleeper and a sleeper. However, the Australian versions did not completely leave long covers, however, this was mostly done for the W900AR semi-trailers, which served as “road trains”. These require the most powerful engines possible due to the maximum load.

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The Limited Series Beaker, unveiled in Brisbane, is modeled after a 1984 earlier version of the W900SAR Gold Nugget (“Gold Nugget”) Limited Series. The semi-trailer was named “Son of Nugget,” and features 1980s paint, a large split windscreen, chrome tailpipes, rear-view mirrors, chrome grille and a fuel tank, so it respects the S before its legacy. Inside, it also prides itself on the sophistication of the 1980s with its flat-up instrument panel, leather-trimmed door inlays and leather seats. Its cab as a whole has the effect of not rolling this saddle off the assembly line, not in this but in the previous century. The wooden handle of the Eaton stick changer enhances this effect.

The Kenworth 2 will only be available to order for one day

The Kenworth 3 will only be available to order for one day

On the other hand, hidden inscriptions here and there can help distinguish it from the 1980s W900SAR Cup: such as the Cummins Diesel logo on the side of the hood, the Cummins X15 diesel engine running in the front (unfortunately performance has not been published), but it differs too. “Legendary SAR” above the glove box.

The manufacturer did not provide the planned number of private parts, which means that anyone could have them if they had the money. But it sure will only be possible to order for one day and on July 8th. That is, you have to be on the lookout for a guy criticizing her.

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