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Kelly Loeffler reiterates that Trump did not lose the 2020 election during the Georgia Senate debate against Raphael Warnock

On Sunday, Senator Kelly Loeffler refused repeatedly to admit this President Trump She lost her re-election in November, as she was debating her Democratic rival, Reverend Raphael Warnock, ahead of Georgia’s double-run elections that will determine which party controls the Senate.

Asked about specifically President-elect Joe BidenVictory in Georgia And whether it agrees with Mr. Trump’s baseless accusations Widespread voter fraud, Loeffler avoid it. “The president has every right to all legal recourse, and this is what happens,” said Loeffler.

The senator later claimed, without any supporting details, of irregularities in the November elections and reiterated Mr. Trump’s right to “legal asylum” without acknowledging that the president’s campaign had lost a round after a round of post-election appeals, including in Georgia, whose results had already been certified. .

Her Democratic opponent, Warnock, criticized the senator for “questioning” legitimate elections. People have talked about the presidential election, and they are waiting for the senator to focus on them, not the person in the White House.

However, Loeffler has, time and again, tacitly admitted to defeating Mr. Trump by throwing the run-offs necessary to prevent a left-wing march. “Everything is at stake in this election, the future of our country,” she said, referring to the high-stakes battle for control of the Senate.

Loeffler attacked “the radical liberal Raphael Warnock” more than a dozen times, denouncing the priest as a socialist who guarantees everything from government control of the American healthcare system to confiscating Americans’ weapons. Warnock, who is not a socialist, responded by criticizing Loeffler as being a wealthy, self-interested politician who “not only lied to me, but to Jesus” by highlighting bits and pieces of the speeches he gave to her, he said, the years.

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This combination of photos shows Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler and Raphael Warnock, the Democratic nominee for the US Senate, in a televised debate on Sunday, December 6, 2020, in Atlanta.

CBS News

The battle between Loeffler and Warnock and the second round between Republican Senator David Purdue and Democrat John Usoff will determine which party controls the Senate at the start of Biden’s presidency. Republicans need one seat for the majority. Democrats need a sweep to get Vice President-elect Kamala Harris the watershed vote.

While Loeffler dodged questions about defeating Mr Trump, Warnock avoided questions about whether he would support expanding the Supreme Court if the Democrats had the power to do so. He said he was more interested in mitigating the coronavirus pandemic, but did not explicitly state whether he was against adding judges to the Supreme Court.

On Coronavirus diseaseThe two rivals have confirmed their confidence in the vaccine and said they will receive it. But they have raised sharp contrasts with another economic aid package. Warnock leveled Loeffler earlier this year for some congressional aid. Loeffler blamed Democratic leaders for the failure of Congress to pass A. A new round of aid This fall, she said Warnock will be rubber stamping them in Washington.

In a previous session on Sunday, Ausov discussed an empty platform, calling Purdue a “coward” for skipping the debate.

Ausoff suggested that Purdue, the Republican in his first term whose profuse stock circulation caught attention during the COVID-19 pandemic, left his platform vacant because he did not want to “incriminate himself” for his personal financial activities that the rival had summarized as “the cartoon abuse of power.”

Criticizing Purdue for avoiding controversy with the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic and Congress, Usov said: “It shows amazing arrogance and a sense of the right of the great US senator in Georgia to believe that he should not debate at such a moment in our history.” .

The Purdue campaign manager responded with an email statement saying that Ausov had “lost a discussion against him.” The statement did not give any details about the attacks of Usov on the senator. Another Purdue aide followed up with a statement asserting that “the Senate Ethics Committee, the Department of Justice, and the Securities and Exchange Commission … have independently acquitted Senator Purdue of any wrongdoing.”

Recent tours placed Georgia in the national political spotlight, attracting tens of millions of dollars and a flood of field workers and volunteers from all over the country.

The day before Mr. Trump’s rally, Vice President Mike Pence appeared in Savannah, where former President Barack Obama presided over a virtual Democrat rally. Mr. Biden, the first Democratic presidential candidate to win Georgia since 1992, promised to visit before the run-off, acknowledging that the outcome would shape the legislative term of his presidency.

The Republicans embraced the patriotic consequences, viewing Usof and Warnock as a harbinger of a socialist takeover of Washington. There are no socialists, but the Republican Party wants to fuel its base for a second round of voting with fear of Democrats taking control of both sides of Pennsylvania Avenue. The Democrats have already protected their majority in the House of Representatives, and the Republican argument is accepted by Trump’s loss to Biden, even if the president himself refuses to acknowledge his defeat.

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