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Kellogg's CEO blew the fuse when he said poor people should eat muesli for dinner

Kellogg's CEO blew the fuse when he said poor people should eat muesli for dinner

“Eating muesli for dinner is very popular these days, and we expect it will become even more popular in the future as consumers are under pressure,” said Gary Belnick, CEO of US muesli company WK Kellogg Co, with a smile. The statement looks very obscene, and Internet users did not leave it unsaid. In recent days, many people mentioned, for example, that Pilnik does not eat muesli for dinner at all, because even without the additional benefits, he earns a million dollars a year, he writes. guardian.

Belnik gave an interview to CNBC's Squawk on the Street program last Wednesday, where he was asked about his previous statements about what happened to Almazlik. At first it didn't seem particularly interesting, so Belnik started talking about how muesli had always been affordable and that consumers looked for it when they had to tighten their belts.

He then added that they are doing everything to reach people, for example with the message that they should eat muesli for dinner. According to him, this is much cheaper than anything else, and then he also hinted that if someone's muesli is expensive, they don't have to worry either, because they try to sell the muesli in the right size for everyone's wallet (i.e. smaller). ). A bowl of muesli with milk or fruit costs less than $1, which can obviously be attractive, he said.

Somewhat surprised, the CNBC host asked if it was possible that people wouldn't be so positive about the idea that they should eat muesli for dinner, but according to Belnick, the opposite is true. According to him, this idea has been very well received, and according to their data, more than 25 percent of customers do not eat muesli for breakfast, and a large portion of this group eats it for dinner. He then added with a smile that stumbling customers will continue to have a great option for muesli dinners in the future.

The other presenter also added that the marketing is actually working, because as a busy mother she has eaten muesli several times in the past, although she did add that this obviously has nothing to do with when someone doesn't actually have the money to buy anything else. Commenters reacted angrily, with some likening Marie Antoinette's quote (never said) to “If they don't have money to buy bread, let them eat cake,” while others pointed out that Pilnik clearly didn't need to worry about that. That when He earned $5 million last year.

It's also worth noting that Kellogg's muesli is by no means cheap, with one person calculating that a pre-made lasagna costs roughly the same as a family pack of muesli and a carton of milk. And then, we didn't even talk about how expensive it is if you don't buy ready-made food, but cook it yourself, as we wrote here, for example. It's also important to note that Kellogg's muesli is full of sugar, so it's not healthy. By the way, this is not the first such statement in recent years, the Wall Street Journal wrote about it a few years ago If we want to save money, don't eat breakfast.

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