How Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s officially a New Year, which means majority of the population is in a “new year, new me” mood. The beautiful thing about going into the New Year is that is offers a clean slate, a chance for someone to “start all over”.  Typically speaking, January is a month where people feel extra motivated and encouraged to set new goals. The first few weeks of the new year is a time when many people seem to be obsessed with their New Year’s resolution. Sadly however, by February most have stopped working towards their goals and have fallen back into their old habits. Setting goals for the New Year isn’t a bad thing, it’s just important you know the proper steps to take to ensure you’re working actually working on achieving those goals.

It’s not an overnight process:

I’m not the biggest fan of the phrase “new year, new me” because it implies that as soon as the New Year starts you’re an entirely new individual. However, if we’re being honest, THAT IS NOT THE CASE! Don’t feel that you have to be a better person right at the start of January 1st. Breaking old habits and forming better ones will take some time. There are certain aspects of your life you may be able to improve quickly, while others might take you all year to fix. The important thing is to continuously work on creating a better version of yourself. Also, remember that forming better habits is not an overnight process. If you slip up that’s okay! Acknowledge your mistake, learn from it, and then move on.

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Set realistic goals:

A huge reason so many people fail at keeping their New Year’s resolution(s) is unrealistic goals. Of course, you’re more likely to give up if you set a goal that’s probably unobtainable. Take some time to reassess your current goals for this year and ask yourself “can I accomplish this in 1 year’s time?” You may find that some of your goals might take a little longer, and if that’s the case, move them over to your five year plan (or a plan that gives you more time to achieve them). For example, let’s say one of your New Year resolutions is to lose 300 lbs in one year. losing that much weight in one year would place a huge strain on your body and would be extremely hard. Instead, give yourself more time to drop such a huge amount of weight and focus on a healthier (more realistic) weight loss goal for 2018.

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Write out a real plan:

After you reassess your goals for this year, it is time to write out a plan on how you will achieve them. This is another reason many people fall short when trying to keep their New Year goals; they never make an actual plan to abide by. Do not just say you want to be a better person…write down what that means for you exactly. Do you want to treat your siblings better, show empathy towards strangers, or grow closer with God? When it comes to your goals for this year try to be as specific as possible. If your goal is to lose weight then make a schedule. In it include: how often you’ll go to the gym, your diet plan (if you decide to go on one), and what body parts you want to target. Remember throughout the year to refer back to your plan if/as needed and make any adjustments you see fit.

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Keep your goals a secret:

Lil Wayne once said “real g’s move in silence like lasagna” and that is your new motto for 2018! Sometimes in life when we tell our friends the goals we have they (rather it’s intentional or not) can respond in a negative way. For example, let’s say you tell your friend that this year your goal is to buy a new car. Instead of being supportive they may respond with something like “girl, you have no job…how you doing that?!” Your friend may have meant that as a joke but now your mind is filled with doubt and you’re second guessing if you can even achieve this goal. Throughout 2018 remember that you have to protect your dreams/goals at all cost! Keep your goals to yourself and don’t allow any outsiders to pull you from what you desire.

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Check in with yourself:

Lastly, remember to have check in’s with yourself. Every 3 weeks or so take some time to evaluate your progress and see if you have been actively working towards your goals. It’s important to hold yourself accountable when trying to achieve something new. You should be 100% honest with yourself during these moments. However, don’t treat yourself harshly. Even if you have been slacking, keep in mind this [improving yourself and achieving goals] is a process that will take time.

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