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Kazinczy tér amusement park and sports field in Tapolca has been delivered

Kazinczy tér amusement park and sports field in Tapolca has been delivered

Kazinzi Terre 3-5-7. At the opening ceremony in the area behind Y- condominium no.

– After all, the Y houses that were built at that time were built in a new city area that was overflowing with self-confidence. Now, half a century later, we can see that the region is being reborn. With every investment and arrangement of the environment, it proves that the city administration and concerned citizens believe that what happened 50 years ago was not a one-off derailment in the history of Tapolca. Rather, it was the growth of the city that created new living spaces, new scenes, which were built according to the perception of the time and the architectural culture of the time, but today perhaps they can be adapted to the times by re-creating a change in the environment. This is well illustrated by the recreational park, which specifically aims to improve the quality of life through quality leisure time and the creation of opportunities for young people for healthy recreation. Also, make it possible for everyone to spend their free time here, get to know others and pass the time in different get-togethers. Using the outdoor sports court and fitness park is not only healthy but also fun. We hope that many people who still spend their free time in their apartments today will come here and be with others. Spring is coming, and maybe more and more people will use these devices, and this will also contribute to making Tapolca and this part of the city a stronger community, the minister said and congratulated the investment.

The children immediately took possession of the renovated and delivered sports ground in Kazinzi Square
Photographer: Zsuzsa B. Tóth / Napló

According to Mayor Zoltán Dobó, the small square shows part of Tapolca’s development from fifty years ago to today.

– Gyula Buzás, as the municipal representative for the area at the time this track was built, took part in the work himself, just as he does now. But so many people besides him deserve thanks, everyone who helped make it a success and have a reason to gather here today. I hope that both young and old will use this park, since our goal was to make it suitable for all age groups, – said the mayor, and together with the minister they cut the ribbon in the national colors, and then the local children took possession of the sports field.

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