Kayak concluded a successful year and beautiful

Kayak concluded a successful year and beautiful

DKSE’s kayak division held an end-of-year party at their campus restaurant Monday night. Participants filled the largest hall of the restaurant practically completely, as in addition to the entire team of competitors, coaches and supporters dealing with youth, Deputy Mayor Andrei Barta on behalf of the city, Hungarian Kayak-Association Canoe (MKKSZ) Csaba Hüttner represented him at the event Federal captain and Péter Kárai Vice President of Economics and Wealth Management.

They give extra fees

The year-end closing words were kicked off by Indri Barta, the municipality’s deputy mayor for humanitarian affairs, stressing how important sport, including kayaking, is to Donaujvaros, as all cities can be proud of the competition results, especially in the current viral situation. It’s a source of joy for people, so every successful race gives you an extra fee that everyone desperately needs.

On behalf of the Senior Coach of the Association Csaba Hüttner expressed his happiness for the many people who showed up évzárón, and said that the club has made a huge profit for the eleventh championship in the life of the division, and this is exclusively for the managers, coaches and athletes a due. Additionally, rowing specializes in the color palette, with the new Olympic World Championships silver medal count reaching 500 for two, which is certainly an encouraging sign that the Paris Olympics are approaching.
Gábor Mátyás, Managing Director of DKSE, said the rebuilding of one of the most successful divisions in the federation is a huge success, with the division’s leadership, coaches and competitors doing an exemplary job, but supporters, association and parents with the number of employees, these results will close in 2021.

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Growing employees with great results

And when men are mentioned, this annual assessment began with Department Chair Zsolt Peto’s speech, which is considered one of the greatest achievements of the recent past, he says, in 2018 there were 45 major events licensed their number, while it has increased by 92 from the current year, which is a huge thing. Also don’t forget the results, so everyone is working so that the next goal is to conquer the Paris Olympics, the numbers for the new Olympic silver medalist and Jonathan Hajdu’s husband, Black Adam is the best chance. We learned that Peto Zsolt saved Dömsöd’s troubled boat quite a lot early in the year Chris Mathie fitted him from the waistline in February, training duties so that he doesn’t give up racing during the course, and the DKSE’s goal is clearly to Dömsöd kayak – kenut well in near future.

As for international results, the European Championship Championships fourth, fifth and ninth place finish, and Christian Mattei III, and IV penny Puxi. At the World Championships SUP, ranked Dániel Kóti ranked tenth among the professionals, while Áron Kovács finished fourth in the hopes of Olympic competition. World Championship under 23 years old, finished Oodamek Slihocecche third and fifth places in my husband and four boats, while won Jonatan Hajdû and Adam Silver Vikiti exciting medal in the new Olympic record at 2500 meters. Was closed kayak section in DKSE this year, winning 29 gold medals, 20 silver and 13 bronze medals in the Hungarian championship, won the center 11 of 202 organizations in the points competition member. Based on the results distributed by discipline, Finalists DKSE also finished second in the first boat for men under the 23-year-old boats and kayaks for women to children in a boat SUP, which of course is a great pleasure to section leaders, coaches and makers kayak.

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Zoltan Vig Recordings

After a short evaluation of the year, several individual awards were given to the contestants, this time not only by the direct management of the division, but by coaches of the current categories and age groups, justifying why they are considered worthy of recognition. Due to the growing number of competitors and great results this year, a total of forty kayaks were awarded a cup and certificate, and our readers can find out exactly who and why.

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