Katinka Hoszu made a surprising announcement

Katinka Hoszu appeared as a fan and owner of the iron team in the national championship in Kaposvár. His career has already been on a steep decline over the past three years, and since he will miss this year due to the imminent birth of a baby, and will turn 35 next year, it’s hard to imagine Hossz will be able to. Return to the top of the world.

It is interesting that even the Hungarian Swimming Federation (MÚSZ) does not count on Hossz returning, since the organization In a Facebook post on Tuesday He wrote the following about Katinka: “In terms of distances, her streak of seven wins in the 400 medley is the best—she also managed that distance in the last race last year; perhaps we can add now: a farewell.” This is an unmistakable allusion to the fact that, according to MÚSZ’s predictions, Hosszú will not be able to start many things.

Let’s say that after the London 2012 Olympics, no one would have believed that he would become a three-time Olympic champion, so nothing can be ruled out. And Hossz didn’t actually do this, in fact, in an exclusive interview with M4 Sport, she announced that despite motherhood, she plans to continue her career.

– According to my plans, you will still see her like this, at the moment I am not saying that this is the end of this chapter – answered Katinka Hosu when asked if fans can still see her walking in the water or just focus from before the beginning. “Fortunately, I achieved everything, even more than I wanted, which is always a huge relief for an athlete.”

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