Katalin Novak decided that these Ukrainians were no longer Hungarians

In the Hungarian newspaper published on Wednesday evening, three presidential decrees can be read, signed by Katalin Novak on May 4, which deal with revoking Hungarian citizenship for people born in the former Soviet Union and what is now Ukraine. . In all three cases, the President of the Republic issued a decision based on the proposal of Gergeli Gulias, Minister in charge of the Prime Minister’s Office.

If they have a passport, it is no longer valid. Photo: mfa.gov.hu

The three people involved:

  • Sandor is sorry (Name before name change: Oleksandr Vaszilyovics Oszif; place of birth: Beregkisfalud, Soviet Union; date of birth: August 6, 1987)
  • Martin Sergej (Name before name change: Martin Sergej Ivanovic; Place of birth: Rafa Ruska, Soviet Union; Date of birth: April 22, 1967)
  • Herk Marina (Her name before name change: Herc Marina Dmitrivna; Place of birth: Beregszlls, Soviet Union; Date of birth: October 5, 1973)

Although no detailed justification is attached to the decisions, there is still an important addition this time around: the decisions Obtained by breaking the law The President of the Republic revoked Hungarian citizenship.

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