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“Katalin Karikó has given us Hungarians extraordinary pride.”

“Katalin Karikó has given us Hungarians extraordinary pride.”

– Katalin Karekó has given us Hungarians exceptional pride – highlight the words of Tamás Suljuk of MTI, said by the Head of State at the dinner held in honor of Katalin Karekó at the University of Szeged (SZTE).

The remarkable success achieved by the Nobel Prize-winning researcher gives encouragement to everyone who wants to embark on the bumpy path of science. Thanks to his arduous career, he radiates an encouraging strength to everyone who faces seemingly insurmountable difficulties in their profession and work.

Tamas Soljuk said.

With Catalin Carrico, we always see that she has a great sense of responsibility towards her country. This is true patriotism, which is not loud or ostentatious, but rather deep, sincere, and coming from the heart

– The President of the Republic confirmed. He added: Katalin Carrico does not belong, but she is bringing her back. He brings his knowledge home and shares his professional successes with us. He brings home everything he has earned through his strength, perseverance and effort. He makes the fruits of his labor public property and shares his glory in his country.

Referring to the researcher's donation of the Nobel Prize money to his former university, the head of state said: The citizens of the University of Szeged will never forget his generous donation.

The President of the Republic stated that Albert Sentjörgy was referred to as the “new conqueror” of Szeged when awarding him the Nobel Prize. He added that he is particularly proud to welcome another “conqueror” starting from Szeged, who will make the beautiful city famous, its community prouder, and its university more famous.

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Szeged and the university halls host a group of Hungarian scholars who have achieved similar professional success. More and more “conquerors” reached the pinnacle of science – Tamas Solyuk stated his wish.

Katalin Carrico – who did not even want to hide that she is often touched by the love that welcomes her in Szeged – put it this way:

I feel like I'm one of you.

According to the researcher, the results he achieved and the awards for his work also go to those who taught or taught reading and writing at the university. He also brought his award to Szeged and donated the money to the university in order to share it with everyone who was part of it, and also in his thoughts with those who are no longer with us.

Catalin Carrico wants to inspire the next generation. The Nobel Prize-winning researcher said: “The prize is not what is important. What is important is that we set goals for ourselves, and when we reach them, we search for new goals.”

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