Karinthy Miklós Galla's ring has been withdrawn because "his activism goes against the spirit of the public media"

Karinthy Miklós Galla’s ring has been withdrawn because “his activism goes against the spirit of the public media”

It’s the biggest honor a comedian can receive, and this year it was said that Gala would receive it. Now they have changed their mind.

However, she did not get Karinthy’s ring Miklos GalaFor MTVA, she decided that Gala did not deserve the greatest comedy award. The index A letter was sent to him from MTVA stating:

I’d like to tell you that in accordance with the decision of the Professional Board of Trustees, you will not be awarded the Karinthy Ring Award in 2021, because your recent activities are inconsistent with the values ​​and spirit of the public media and the Karinthy Ring Award.

the message drummer miniheart, signed by the CEO of Duna Médiaszolgáltató Nonprofit Zrt. The decision is quite new, since the decision to get the ring itself was made only in February. Gala said he didn’t understand before the incident, saying he had no reason to do so, and as of Monday MTVA had no problem with Gala’s values, as he was still able to hold a Radio Cabaret conference — and a Karinthy episode could be presented to comedians there. Gala also said that she learned from an MTVA informant that they decided to do this because of this Fake news spreads that he has joined the Christmas Gregory movement.

Gala called this complete fiction, claiming that he did not even connect with the Christmas movement. “I became an innocent victim of politics,” said the humorist.

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