Kanye West has officially changed her name to two letters

Kanye West has officially changed her name to two letters

No more Kanye West, the rapper’s name on paper now is just Ye. On Monday, in a California court, Lin was even allowed to have Ye’s name on his documents instead of Kanye Omari West.

Photo: ROY ROCHLIN/Getty Images via AFP

The rapper submitted a request to change his name in August, but in 2018 he already indicated that you want, if everyone referred to him as “Ye”: He also released his studio album “Ye” that year. A day after the release of his album, he wrote on Twitter: “The creature formerly known as Kanye West. I am yes.”

He said this in a radio interview in 2018. in the Bible The equivalent of ‘you’, i.e. ‘you’ at the time, is the most commonly used term. Then the rapper said, “In the Bible, you mean you. So I’m you, I’m what, that’s us,” and his new name, Ye, “just a reflection of all the good and the bad and the confusion and it’s all in us.”

By the way, 44-year-old Yi Become Kim Kardashian West, who knows he has no plans to change his name, who uses a monogram – KKW – in his makeup brand. The couple had four children, and they also use the Western surname.


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