Kangaroos appeared on the edge of a village in eastern India, and the locals didn't know what they were seeing

Kangaroos appeared on the edge of a village in eastern India, and the locals didn’t know what they were seeing

The locals walking on the edge of a village in East India saw three strange, confused, weak and hungry animals, and because the animals were unlike anything they had seen before, they alerted the foresters who enlightened them that the animals were kangaroos. The homeland of the kangaroo is Australia and does not live in India.

The animals were taken to an amusement park, one of which was later destroyed. One can only guess how the animals came to West Bengal. Local wildlife inspector Deepal Ray told the BBC that the animals may have been smuggled into the country and released when they feared their downfall.

It is believed that the animals came to India from private breeders in Southeast Asia. According to Ray at least, smugglers usually bring exotic, non-native animals to India’s border states via Myanmar.

According to India’s Anti-Smuggling Agency, since the trade in local animal species was banned, smugglers have turned to “exotic species, which can have catastrophic environmental consequences”.

Wildlife activists say exotic pets are a cult in India, and keeping non-native animals has become increasingly common in recent years. Recently, in Bangladesh, for example, zebras were confiscated for transportation to a private zoo.

Wildlife officials say that despite an increase in the number of exotic animals being imported into the country as pets, there is still no effective legislation to control the trade. (BBC)

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