Kangaroo jumps on the Szekszárd bypass

Ádám Daradics filmed a rarely seen scene in Szekszárd at night on Tartsay Vilmos utca. Although the quality of the short video sent to our editors in a Thursday morning message was poor due to poor lighting conditions, it is clear from the animal’s movement that it is made of kangaroo.

Also in a Facebook post Thursday morning One user wrote that his friend’s kangaroo has vanished. The author of the post asks those who have seen the animal to call the phone number provided in the post. The author of the publication drew attention to the fact that one should not try to catch the “fugitive”, because the animal will become even more frightened.

Referring to the footage taken in Szekszárd, he wrote: “Tartsay utcás available, we are looking for a female!”

In other words, not a single kangaroo ran away from their owner. Although the kangaroo shown in the video was found, they were still searching for their “mate”.

By the way, the kangaroo that appears in the recording is most likely Bennett’s kangaroo, which It occurs throughout Tasmania and along the southeast coast of Australia, in eucalyptus and tree forests.

and in Szőlőhegy, albeit in much smaller numbers than those now in existence. In a previous article, we wrote about the owner of such a kangaroo in the southern part of the county seat. According to the information at that time, we also reported in the article published in 2019 that 15-20 families keep these animals in our country.

Compared to the fact that their place of origin is several thousand kilometers away, this is already the second case in a short period of time that a runaway kangaroo set out on an expedition in the province of Tolna. at the end of August, Escape from camel farm and animal care in Simonturnia Guru Bennett Kangaroo. Finally, though He just arrived at the nearby sunflower fieldWhere he waited in peace until his companions found him.

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