Kalman's smile covered his painful fate

Kalman’s smile covered his painful fate

As a descendant of the late actor, he became one of the most famous comedians of the 20th century, but his successes are overshadowed by his origins. In the new episode on cultural channel M5, Promenád, which can be watched on Saturday, in its fifth episode, Ádám Sztankay presents the life-filled adventure of legendary artist Kálmán Latabár.

Kálmán Latabár – or as most people call him Latyi – is one of the happiest figures in the history of Hungarian theater, who, in addition to his humor and superior acting ability, greeted the audience with his talented dancer. Although he was a devout Catholic, his mother’s Jewish descent got into trouble with Arrow Cross and Nazi rule, and after 1945 he was attacked in the communist regime by his humble colleagues who were alarmed by his genius.

The show, which traces the mysteries of theater history, is based on the highly successful Origo blog series by Ádám Sztankay. The next episode of The Promenade reveals the life of a great laughing man who, although he inserted countless joyful moments into the lives of others, covered up a great deal of pain with his wide smile. Kálmán Latabár’s segment will be shown on M5 on Saturday 5 June from 9.05pm.

a The current broadcast of your corniche It can be viewed indefinitely on Médiaklikk.hu for a period of 60 days.

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