Just be patient, those who want Windows 11

Just be patient, those who want Windows 11

a Hvg.hu He remembers that Microsoft’s upcoming operating system isn’t a simple wrinkle: the latest version of Windows has undergone major changes in both its Macintosh-like interface and functionality. About what’s new in the system before Here we wrote.

After the system was announced, it also turned out that those who legally bought Windows 10 running on their PC or buy a new PC with Windows 11 already installed don’t even have to pay for it, otherwise they would avoid the new system.)

But who and when?

New devices running Windows 11 will be available for purchase early this year, but upgrading existing Windows 10 devices will only start in 2022 and it will be a process that takes several months. We previously mentioned that the update may start at the end of the holiday year. Anyone who can’t wait until 2022 can also manually upgrade to Windows 11 once the final Windows 11 RTM build is complete, expected towards the end of the year. He added that if you still can’t wait, you can join the Windows Insider and get a copy of Windows 11 in a few days.

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