Zoltán Mucsi was asked to present the Mustang Bullitt that is available at a Hungarian Ford dealer. Needless to say, he brought it to his usual level. But let’s leave the rice as well and check it and it’s guaranteed to help you get through the last business day before Easter.

You can find our Ford Mustang Bullitt tester at the following link:

The 6.4-liter block of the 68 GT 390 Fastback was equipped with a four-valve cylinder head, producing 335 horsepower at 4,600 rpm. The Mustang Bullet, introduced in 2018, also has 32 valves, but that’s pretty much the end of all the similarities, 50 years not without a trace.

First of all: today’s Mustangs are bigger. Old dimensions: 4613 * 1732 * 1283mm, wheelbase 2743mm. New: 4789 x 1916 x 1382 mm, with a wheelbase of 2720 mm. The engine is (still) intake, but with two camshafts the control is variable, and the fuel is delivered to the cylinders in a dual system, with a direct intake and injection manifold. The demanding and complex injector system may explain why the Mustang consumes surprisingly little compared to its strength and character. He ate no more (according to the instrument) more than 15 liters per hundred in a serpentine run on the test road.

Mustang Bullet received an upgraded version of the GT V8’s 5.0-liter engine. Power is “at least 475 hp” and torque reaches 570 Nm. The GT’s standard speed limit has been canceled, allowing the car to roll at speeds of up to 262 km / h.

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In addition to the dark green panels and restrained chrome reminiscent of the original Bullitt Mustang paint, modern details have been kept in the cabin; The dashboard is digital, the seats are Recaro-supplied (additional charge). The upholstery is sewn with green threads.