July 4th will be canceled due to lack of independence - this is how US celebrities protest abortion law

July 4th will be canceled due to lack of independence – this is how US celebrities protest abortion law

Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, and Jessica Chastain also spoke about the issue on Independence Day.

The Fourth of July is one of the most important holidays in the United States of America. On this day, Americans celebrate the Declaration of Independence in 1776, by which their country formally separated from Great Britain. Most often, the day is held with parades, barbecues, picnics and organizing baseball games, but this year, several celebrities voiced their protest after the Supreme Court declared the right to abortion unconstitutional more than a week ago.

The Fourth of July will be canceled due to lack of independence. Sincerely, ladies

– With this text Spread Posted on Instagram, among other things Kim kardashian And the Kris Jenner She also shared on her page on Monday to draw attention to the disparity between Independence Day and women’s lack of independence from their bodies.

while Katy Perry The fireworks She noted her success in a Twitter post about women’s rights.

‘Baby, you’re a fireworks’ 10-year-old, but women in the US have fewer rights than sparkly fireworks

written byReferring to one of the important accessories for celebrations and crackers.

Jessica Chastain He also tweeted a picture of himself showing off with both hands. “My reproductive rights and I wish you a Happy Independence Day,” she wrote in her letter.

beautiful beautiful Actress and Activist on Instagram share it own ideas.

Independence Day unless you have a womb. But then you kill yourself and we don’t care if you die completely or your whole life is derailed and your mental health is ruined, I guess. Fabulous…

Brooklyn Decker She is also a model and actress on her social media page share it his thoughts. “I am grateful for the many things this country has to offer. I am grateful to live in a place where I can criticize and point out how upset and disgusted Americans are that Americans have fewer rights than they did a year ago. I am grateful that I was able to say that this country does not work for everyone or maintain For everyone’s safety without going to prison for saying those words. Today I have a lot of gratitude and a swollen anger. I know I share this with a lot of people right now. Let’s keep our anger in order to move this complex country forward, not backwards.”

Sophia Bush Like this post Share it again On her website, he talks about a 10-year-old girl who had to fly from Ohio to Indiana to have an abortion because she missed the state’s six-week deadline by three days. The author of the post asks the poetic question: “Well, who else is excited about Independence Day this year?”

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