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Julie raced over and had his picture taken

Julie raced over and had his picture taken

Junior races, GwM races downtown, then stops illegally in the middle of the sidewalk… We are slowly getting used to the fact that local celebrities blow the whistle on the approach rules. But to make that not enough, they even take photos/videos of breaking their rules and post them on their social media pages… And now Jolie has joined this shameful streak.

Jolie loves fast luxury cars and does not skimp on gas (Photo: István Végh)

Why are you posting this?

There can only be one answer why someone would post a photo that clearly shows they are violating the rules: It does not even occur to him that it is forbidden, and he does not care at all.

After his performance on Saturday night, Jolie jumped into the car and headed to Austria with his girlfriend, Barbara Suprak. Zoltan Tarsi posted only one photo of the road, but it says more than a thousand words… In the photo, you can see the bright dashboard of his car. It is clear that the singer wanted to show off the beauty of his beloved car, but he forgot an important detail: The image clearly shows that the car is currently traveling at a speed of 177 km/h on the highway.

The odometer clearly shows that they are traveling at 177 km/h (Photo: Instagram)

It won't be a police case

The fact that Jolie published the violation does not mean that the police will file a complaint against him. This does not work automatically. There's a very good chance nothing will come of this case now… After that, we can only hope that the singer slows down, at least if he's driving.

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