Juliana Siri's name is taken from the College of Public Health conference

Juliana Siri’s name is taken from the College of Public Health conference

College of Public Health students majoring in Nutrition, Physiotherapy and Complex Rehabilitation presented their scientific research at the Kasai Campus. The event was also a naming ceremony: the professional meeting also bears the name of the college’s late lecturer, Giuliana Siri, writing h.unideb.hu.

At the 5th Methodological Conference on Monday, faculty and students were able to learn about the research work that students do in the college and the methodologies they use in their academic activities.

Laszlo Cernoch, Vice Chancellor for Science at the University of Debrecen, emphasized at the opening of the event that the conference initiated by the School of Public Health can help develop students interested in science and research.

Science is a bumpy road in which immersion in methods poses serious challenges to students, but at the same time, science has its own beauty. I want to encourage everyone not to be afraid of initial difficulties, because the end result brings the joy of recognition. The Vice-Chancellor of the University emphasized that the conference represents a very good opportunity, as it will allow more people to learn about the values ​​of research work.

Ilona Veres-Balajti, deputy dean of education at the DE School of Public Health, emphasized that this is a very complex and complex task, but the results of the TDK also prove that students are able to solve these tasks.

– We asked young people to share their experiences about the methodologies they used in their research and how they were able to overcome the problems that arose. Our primary goal is to bring the research work as close as possible to the students of the College, so that they can provide the background of their ongoing or completed research work, and experiences of the feasibility of different studies. We want to create a need for students to participate in scientific research, said the deputy dean of education.

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The event is named after the college lecturer, who died in December, and founder of the professional meeting, so next year it will be organized as the Julianna Cseri Systematic Conference.

At the event a total of fifteen university students presented their scientific works, including students specializing in dietetics, physiotherapy and complex rehabilitation. Among others, the effects of regular exercise in older adults on immune regulation, survey results for intuitive nutrition and exercise dependence among athletes, and logistic regression in public health research, participants.

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